Why we decided to give alcohol the can

Why we decided to give alcohol the can

“I need a drink” – Everyone 2020 and 2021

I feel like that’s been my mantra too for the past 2 years. Let’s face it, the last 2 years have sucked big time. Covid, home schooling, no toilet paper, more Covid – you get the picture. Would anyone really be surprised to learn that home alcohol consumption increased by 29% between January 2019 and the end of 2021 - Honestly, I was surprised it wasn’t actually even more!

But the light at the end of that very crappy tunnel is shining brightly now and it’s time to reign in all those crutches that got us through. Alcohol was definitely on the top of that list for me. No matter how I ate, booze went straight for the midline (I definitely know what it’s called a beer belly).

Enter non-alcoholic drinks

While these have always been in the background (think of all those wines and ales that you would walk past and wonder “who would drink that?”). But consumer attitudes and trends have certainly started to shift to either moderation or exclusion of alcohol as we move out towards a more   “normal” future. And with that have emerged artisan brewed non-alcoholic ales, crafted cocktails and dealcoholized wines that will have you saying “where’s this been all my life?”. 

The benefits of ditching alcohol

No one can argue that reducing alcohol intake has many health benefits – that’s very well documented. We won’t go into those here. But beyond those benefits, and especially for those on a keto or low carb diet especially when looking reduce weight, is the reduction of the “empty calories” in alcohol. Alcohol carries around 7 calories per gram (about as much as fat does). No wonder they call it a “Beer Belly”.  

Hot tips for finding the best non-alcoholic drinks

It’s not rocket science, but it is a lot of trial and error. Start off with narrowing down the list of your favourite full alcohol adult beverages and then find their corresponding non-alcoholic cousins. Next read some user review and well as product descriptions… Is the product infused with carefully selected botanicals for a bold spicy aroma?

Next comes the fun (hopefully!) part – sample those wines/beers/spirits/cocktails and shortlist your faves.

Here are some great ones to try first. We’ll keep adding more to our range as we continue to go through our list of ones to try. See the range here.


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