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Welcome to the new one-stop low carb hub

Wow, it’s May 2022, I seriously cannot believe it. It is just flying by at the moment. The last few months, Jack and I have really taken a moment and paused to think about Low Carb Emporium. We sat down and had a think about everything, from why we opened, to where we went and where we are going now. This was really difficult for us to do. It was very confronting, but I am very glad we did this, not sure if Jack feels the same way though! Low Carb Emporium has usually been my vision, and Jack supports me to implement and make it a reality. He has many a many grey hairs to show for this.

So, let me take you back to the start of Low Carb Emporium. I was struggling to find low carb products. I had two small kids at the time, was very time poor and didn’t want to be making all my foods from scratch. I thought, maybe someone else is having the same problem. So, we created a website to bring it all together to make low carb living easier and more accessible for everyone. And that was amazing. We really felt like we were making a difference.

Fast forward nearly 5 years. And times have changed. There are so many, sorry let me say that again, so many more products that are available in the supermarkets. And while that does make me very happy, as it is easier for people to shop, it has been very difficult for us as a small business. But I am waffling here. Somehow, over the last few years, with the spicy cough, more competitors, cost of living increasing etc etc, we feel we moved away from the initial reason we started in the first place. We became a small supermarket. And we want to get back to our original philosophy. To make low carb living more accessible for everyone. Our aim, is to make Low Carb Emporium more of a hub again where you come for all of your low carb living needs.

Yes, first and foremost we will always be retailers of amazing low carb products (and will continue to source the most interesting and hot products we can possibly find), but we’re also going to be an ongoing resource. Over the next few weeks Low Carb Emporium will be your one stop hub to get the latest literature and cook books, products and accessories to make cooking at home easier, links to relevant websites and even amazing social media information, links to professionals to help support you on your journey if you need it (like doctors and dieticians), recipes (and I would love to get all your recipes and post them here).

So, bear with us while we continue to add some super new products, content, recipes and resources. It will take some time, but we are excited about where this is going.

If there is anything you would like to contribute, then I would absolutely love to hear from you, and you can send me through an email yvonne@lowcarbemporium.com.au



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