Useful resources - Updated

Useful resources - Updated

Sometimes, the internet can be extremely overwhelming. It is difficult to know what is real, what to believe, which websites have accurate information and where to go to get the most up to date and reliable opinions. I hate to say it, but how can you tell what is fake news?

I think one of the reasons why low carb eating was so appealing to Jack and myself, was that we were able to follow the science. I am a nurse, and Jack is a pharmacist by background. But doing all the research can be pretty full on.

I don’t at all pretend to have all the information. One thing that I learnt, especially with my nursing degree is the love of learning. I love learning about the latest research, the latest innovations and the latest applications of the low carb diet.

This page aims to help bring these resources to one page. Easy access. By no means is this list extensive. By no means is this list the only resources available. But we will add ones that we find really interesting and thought provoking.

Low Carb Down Under has designed their website to help you to understand a Low Carb, High Fat approach to nutrition. The information provided is based on strong science to allow you to develop your knowledge and skills to the level you need to make LCHF work for you.

Healthcare Professionals, Allied Health, Coaches Low Carb Down Under has compiled a resource of doctors, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and coaches that incorporate a low carb approach. 

The Noakes Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition.

Diet Doctor is a great resource for understanding the Low Carb High Fat or Keto way of eating. There are meal plans and many fabulous recipes. Is another great resource for people following LCHF way of eating. I especially like this article discussing different types of sweeteners

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