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The Benchmark:

When we found the benchmark our faces were beaming with grins - we had struck gold. We nicknamed our original spice, The Benchmark as it well and truly set the standard for the best biltong we had ever had.

200gm bag


Certified organic grass-fed Australian beef, white vinegar, sea salt, coriander seed, black pepper, cloves and cayenne pepper.

Free from preservatives, our biltong has a 6 month best before date. 

Biltong, Air Dried Beef?
In short, biltong is an Air-Dried meat, preserved by natural methods - giving It a soft texture and natural flavour compared to other preserved meats. It's a convenient, high protein snack with zero carbohydrates and minimal processing. It's made from whole-foods and is reminiscent of the real foods our ancestors ate for millennia.
100% Grass-fed and finished Organic Beef and never concentrated into feedlots, because we're committed to providing the healthiest and most sustainably farmed beef in Australia.


Biltong will last in the freezer for many months. As there's not much moisture, biltong freezes and defrosts quickly. Once you've taken it out to defrost, use one of the aforementioned techniques to store it.