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Alpine Bread 84 %Low Carb Wholemeal Bread - 600gm

Alpine Bread 84 %Low Carb Wholemeal Bread - 600gm

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Alpine Bread 84 %Low Carb Wholemeal Bread - 600gm

Bread is a staple food, important for providing nutrients for everyday functioning. Over the hundreds of years of bread making, consumers palates have adapted to a more refined bread, that lacks coarseness but is preferred for taste. Alpine Breads understand that taste is important, but as importantly is the delivery of ideal nutrients that bread has the capability of providing.

Alpine Breads Lower Carb Plain bread is unique in the fact that it provides the smooth textural sensation, but does not compromise on nutritional quality. Lower in carbohydrate means that this bread, which is 81% lower compared to the original Alpine Breads Wholemeal Bread, has a lower content but still delivers carbohydrate, which is important for cellular energy. Carbohydrate is our bodies fuel and a primary requirement for muscles, brain and other organs to function. The amount of carbohydrate per serve in the lower carb bread is 6.2g, compared to 30.9g in the original wholemeal bread. Having a lower carbohydrate content is suitable for individuals managing their blood glucose levels, individuals not requiring as much carbohydrate for energy expenditure through exercise and those looking for opportunities to reduce their carbohydrate intake as a lifestyle choice.

In line with low carbohydrate, Alpine Breads Lower Carb Plain is also low in sugar. For every 2 slices, there is only 0.9g of sugar. Compared to many other plain breads this is approximately 50% less. There are no added sugars to the bread which is ideal from a nutritional point of view. Being a food that is made from wholegrains, there is no need for bread to be a high sugar product. Another nutrient that stacks up well in this bread is protein. The type of protein utilized as an ingredient to increase protein content is wheat protein. Another grain used in this bread is lupin flour which has a much higher protein content than wheat flour. Protein is satiating, meaning it helps keep us satisfied. Therefore, each slice of this bread will satisfy cravings and hunger, which supports controlling your appetite.

It is not often you would find a traditional plain or white bread with high fibre content. Traditional white bread contains less than 4g per serve. Alpine Breads Lower Carb Plain bread contains 10.8g of fibre per serve. To put this into context, we need 30g of fibre a day. Having two slices of toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch with Alpine Breads Lower Carb Plain bread provides 33% of your daily fibre needs. What an easy way to support your bowel health!
Alpine Breads Lower Carb Plain loaf is a well thought out nutritional product and thus has achieved a 5 star health rating. It also is made from 100% Australian ingredients, giving you confidence that Australian produce has been used in a recipe that’s good for you.

Made in Australia from at least 100% Australian ingredients.


Water, Wheat Protein (Gluten), Soy flour, Linseed Meal, Wheat Fibre, Modified Wheat Starch (1413), wheat Fibre, Wheat Protein Isolate, Yeast, vinegar, Iodised Salt, Mineral Salt (516), emulsifiers(481).

Suitable for Vegans

Contains: Wheat, Soy

Less Carbs
More Fibre
More Protein
Less sugar

May contain: Sesame seeds and Tree nuts

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