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An Australian native, it’s the finest spread in all the lands. Just ask it. Australian grown premium macadamias are hand-picked, lightly roasted and crushed into a deliciously silky, naturally sweet spread. Nutritiously addictive and incredibly smooth, you’ll melt into bliss when it melts in your mouth. Make friends with this spread, you’ll want to keep it close. 

To keep our bodies healthy, minds happy, we need 30g of nuts every day. That’s just one heaped tablespoon of Noya Nut Butter.

Source of magnesium for a boost of energy to keep you kicking, spreading, and creating.

Source of potassium for those feel good, feel full sensations, and is naturally low in sugar and sodium.

Natural source of healthy fats for vitality, to keep you fuller for longer, and provide your body with energy and fuel to satisfy 3pm cravings and withstand evening workouts.

Fibre for a healthy gut, and manganese for healthy, jar-opening bones.

Source of thiamin essential for the production of energy from food, to keep you active.

Source of fibre to promote healthy bowels, to keep everything moving like it should.



90% lightly roasted macadamias; 10% cashews 


To be stored in a cool dry place