Eating Out While Following A LCHF diet

Eating Out While Following A LCHF diet is a simple and delicious experience. The first few time we tried this we were a bit worried… I mean what could you possibly eat out while following LCHF? And what about all the temptations?


It turns out that there was nothing to really worry about – there are so many yummy options out there that are still compliant.


Let’s start off with my hubby’s favourite – burgers. Turns out most places will happily accommodate a lettuce wrap burger. Loaded with cheese, mayo and vegies it is a yummy option eating out. Even McDonald’s will happily make one for you.  A Caesar salad (no croutons thanks!) and casual dining is made simple.


Date night doesn’t have to be disasters either. We have a few favourite restaurants that make our date nights a delicious and LCHF compliant experience. A few of our frequent visited restaurants are:

  • Greek: we love saganaki, grilled lamb (extra fatty of course) and Greek salad with lots of feta and olives
  • Sea Food: Our favourite sea food restaurant makes the most delicious grilled fish… and they have a selection of butters to compliment. We love it with garlic butter! Yummy sides include broccoli with toasted almonds, slaw and more.
  • Chinese: Pork belly (lots of fat please) with Asian greens are one of our favourite options
  • Mexican: We love a fajita chicken bowl with vegies and loaded with guacamole, sour cream and lots of cheese


Dining out doesn’t have to be a scary. Dining out should be delicious. We’ve found how to make it work for our family and so can you.



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