About Me - Yvonne

Jack Roizman
I have never been one of those ‘skinny’ girls. Weight has always seemed to be on my mind and directly related to my self esteem. After having two beautiful boys, I was at my heaviest that I have ever been. Tipping the scales at 92kg and busting out of size 14 clothes and refusing to buy size 16. There was no chance that I was going there. I felt uncomfortable every day. Hated getting dressed in the morning because nothing fitted me anymore. I literally had a wardrobe of clothes size 8-14 and had nothing to wear. My husband didn’t seemed bothered by my weight, always thought that I was beautiful at any size. My biggest motivator for me was my children and being able to be healthy for them. I had tried numerous diets before, but nothing really seemed to stick for me. I had heard about Low Carb High Fat through a Facebook group that I belong to and started doing some research. I am a nurse by profession, and for me I need information. This way of eating just seemed to make sense for me. I understood the science, I feel I just got it. I took the plunge and successfully managed to loose 20kg in 7 months. Sure I have meals and days where I don’t eat or make the best choices, but overall, for me this has changed my life. I have more energy, no more mood swings and so many more benefits. 
As many of us are these days, I’m super busy.  Two kids, a hubby and working part time. I found it very frustrating to have to make all of my food from scratch. Sometimes I did not have the time and other times I just couldn’t be bothered. Sometimes I just wanted something easy, quick and convenient. I found it really difficult to find products and snacks around the place. I tried supermarkets, health food shops, anything that I could think of with minimal luck. And that is when I thought, how good would it be to have a place where people could buy products that are amazing (maybe not 100% compliant ;) ) to this way of eating. That was the dream that started the Low Carb Emporium. My husband and I are so exited to share with everyone all the amazing products that we have been able to source. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.