Refreshing VITAL ZING mocktail recipes

Refreshing VITAL ZING mocktail recipes

Lime-oncello (makes 1 serving)

Craving something refreshing? Introducing Lime-oncello, the zesty sip that's a burst of citrusy goodness in every drop! Perfect for those long summer nights 🍋🥒

You’ll need


Let’s make it!

Grab your favourite glass (we love a lowball for this one) and muddle 3-6 mint leaves in the bottom, depending on your taste preference.

Using a peeler, slice a ribbon of cucumber and set aside. While you’re at it, slice a couple of rings of lime and get your garnish (flowers) ready.

Fill your glass half full with ice and add 20 drops of Lemonade Soda Drops and 10 drops of Lemon Lime Water Drops.

Top with Soda Water and carefully stir.

Add your garnish and enjoy!

P.S. Cucumber and lime go together like Ross and Rachel. If you love this flavour combo, don’t be scared to mix it up and adjust measurements to taste!



Spritzy Sour (makes 2 servings)

Say hello to our Spritzy Sour—a zesty tipple that will tingle your tastebuds with every sip. 🍏🥂

You’ll need

Let’s make it!

Get your hands on your finest champagne flutes, it’s time to get the party started!

Using a peeler, create 4 apple ribbons. We love to use Granny Smith Apples for the bright green colour it adds to the glass

Fill each flute ½ full with chilled Soda Water 

Add 20 Drops of Lemonade Soda Drops and 15 drops of Green Apple Water Drops - use a spoon to mix well

Add your apple ribbon into the flute and top with prosecco (if you’re spicing things up), or just soda water.

Add a pinch of mint, garnish and enjoy!


No-groni (makes 1 serving)

Meet our healthy take on the classic Negroni our Vital Zing ‘No-groni’ that’s non-alcoholicand downright delicious!🍹🍊✨

You’ll need

Let’s make it!

Using a sharp knife, or a peeler (be careful!) peel the orange skin off in a ribbon. Add to your favourite highball glass, kind of like a little slinky (it’s the colourful, fun aesthetic we’re going for here!). 

Chop an orange wedge and squeeze about a tablespoon of fresh juice into the bottom of your glass, releasing it’s citrusy goodness

Add a handful of ice to the glass and half fill with soda water.

Add 20 drops of Mandarin Water Drops and mix thoroughly to infuse the refreshing mandarin flavour.

Complete your drink with a garnish of orange slices, fill it to the rim with Soda Water and a good sprig of thyme to elevate the overall flavour. Now all that’s left to do is kick back and enjoy your healthy and delicious afternoon apéritif!


The OG Zinger Mule

If you love slow summer Sundays, then this one’s for you! Another take on a classic bevy with a healthy and delicious spin, meet our Zinger Mule which combines a delicious blend of ginger, lime and mint that will leave you hydrated and asking for more!🍹✨

You’ll need

Let’s make it!

Something about sipping this one from a jar just makes the whole experience even better! So if you don’t have a glass mug with a handle, any mason jar or even an old pickle jar will do the trick!

Place 2 generously sized lime wedges and 3-5 mint leaves into the bottom of the glass. Use a muddler to gently crush and blend the lime and mint.

Add a handful of ice and fill your vessel half way with soda water.

Add 15 drops of Ginger Beer Soda Drops and 15 drops of Lemonade Soda Drops into the glass.

Stir gently to infuse the flavours then top your glass to the rim with Soda Water

Now the icing on the cake…finish off your drink by garnishing with a lime wedge, clap a pinch of mint and add as desired. Add your straw (paper, glass or metal), sip back and enjoy!



We love fresh, fruity margis so we made our own hydrating version! Our Strawberita is sans alcohol and full of fresh, fruity flavour that’s a little sweet with a touch of sour. So if you’re ready to get sipping, grab a glass and let’s get started! 🍓🥝✨

You’ll need

Let’s make it!

This one calls for a large, beautiful stemmed glass. We’re thinking glamorous fish bowl vibes. 

Slice a lime in half and squeeze the juice into the bottom of your glass. Clap 3 basil leaves and drop into the bottom of the glass.

Grab 1 large strawberry and half a kiwifruit. Slice thinly and add to the glass so you can see the beautiful fruit slices clearly around your vessel (beautiful aesthetic is what we’re going for here).

Add a handful of ice into your glass and pour ¾ full with Soda Water.

Add 15 drops of Strawberry Kiwi Water Drops into the glass, gently stir and top to the rim with Soda Water

Finish off by garnishing the drink with basil leaves, a sliced strawberry, a lime wedge and a sprinkle of rock salt.

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