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An original smooth story with a deliciously, crunchy finish. The finest hand-picked Australian grown almonds, lightly roasted, then blended into a creamy spread. Next came the chia, a seriously crunchy move, giving us something beautiful and you something delicious. A best seller and balanced bottle, eaten, loved, eaten again

Health Benefits: 

To keep our bodies healthy, minds happy, we need 30g of nuts every day. That’s just one heaped tablespoon of Noya Nut Butter.

A boost of protein to keep you feeling full and put a halt to mindless snacking.

Packed with magnesium, manganese, and copper for healthy and tough bodies.

Your daily dose of vitamin E, for beautiful hair, nails, and skin, and a powerfully healthier body. Some use vitamin E in skincare, we prefer to eat ours.

Plenty of iron for healthy bones and fighting immune systems.

Naturally low in sodium to help reduce blood pressure, the perfect nutrient booster for you, your kids, your parents.

Healthy fats to help send nutrients to the right places, promote good health, and fight off that 3pm crash.


Ingredients: 90% naked almonds (lightly dry roasted), 10% Raw chia

To be stored in a cool dry place.