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A spread to crown as champion for health, crunch, and taste. The best from the nut kingdom, an ultimate crowd pleaser! Carefully hand-picked almonds, brazil, and cashews, from the finest in the world, lightly roasted and blended into a smooth-meets-crunchy spread. Each nut is amazing and brings powerful benefits to the table. You’ll taste every layer of this seriously addictive and delicious, nutritious blend. As a bonus, we added chia seeds for extra crunch, enhancing the taste and consistency, and adding even more amazing health benefits. How’s that for a quality spread.

To keep our bodies healthy, minds happy, we need 30g of nuts every day. That’s just one heaped tablespoon.

 A boost of protein to satisfy cravings, build muscle, and leave you feeling full for longer.

With powerful minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc, it’s best eaten alongside vitamin C for quick absorption.

Your daily dose of vitamin E, for beautiful hair, nails, and skin, and a powerfully healthier body. Some use vitamin E in skincare, we prefer to eat ours.

Good source of fibre to keep your digestive system healthy, gut bacteria happy, and wind levels acceptable.

Packed with selenium too, to keep boys bits healthy and working like they should



Lightly roasted almonds (38%), Brazil nuts (23%), Cashews (29%), Raw chia seeds (10%) 

To be stored in a cool dry place