Inside this carton you’re going to find 4 portions of Milky Almonds magic.

What is Milky Almonds, you ask?

Milky almonds is a dairy milk replacement. We know you care about having strong bones, fantastic teeth and good gut health, which is why we do too! It’s just like drinking milk with all the benefits, but without leaving you feeling bloated and sluggish.

We’ve condensed it for you to blend with water, which means you can have fresh strawberry milk ready in only 1minute. You can drink this from the glass, (or the bottle if no one is looking), add it to your cereal, bake a cake, make a smoothie, protein shake or anything you would normally use milk. We’ve done all the hard work so that it’s easy for you.

Milky Almonds was made by two health professionals. A Pharmacist and a Naturopath! Doesn’t that give you such a cosy trusting feeling that this product has been created with an amazing amount knowledge and expertise? 

Milky Almonds contains naturally derived calcium and vitamin D at similar levels to regular dairy milk – which makes your switch from dairy an easier choice. 

Because it’s a fantastically healthier option then what’s currently
on offer in this world – it can be safely given as a treat to children.. unless you
want to treat yourself. 
You can use it wherever dairy would’ve been regularly used. Eg. In your cereal,
coffee, protein shake/smoothie, to bake a cake ... the list goes on.

Milky Almonds saves our environment! One Milky Almond carton can save up
to 7 other cartons ending up in landfill.


almonds, beetroot powder, arrowroot, natural vanilla extract, aquamin, shiitake, mineral (calcium phosphate), natural strawberry flavour (min 2%), monk fruit sea salt