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Hemp is now legal and can be used in food and beverages! We are finally able to enjoy the benefits of the medicinal herb.

Hemp is a vegan, all natural plant based, holistic & nutritionally complete health super food.

Happy Hippie Hemp Boosted Kombucha Superfood drink is a raw brewed live cultured sparkling tea packed full of healthy enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidents, plus the added benefit of hemp oil, a mixture of essential fatty acids 3+6+9 to help enhance your mind, body and spirit.

Kombucha + Hemp Superfood is a powerful combination packed full of healthy enzymes, minerals and antioxidants, plus added benefit of 500mg hemp oil (omega 3 +6+9). Giving you a complete daily dose of health and wellness for your body and mind!


Certified Organic Raw Kombucha (Pure Raw Wild Kombucha Culture and Certified Organic Green Tea), Naturally Fermented Organic Glucose (Organic Erythritol), Melon, Cucumber, Mint, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Stevia, Natural Flavour.