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AmazeBalls - Salted Caramel 40gm

AmazeBalls - Salted Caramel 40gm

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Tasmanian Popped Cheese Pops with Salted Caramel 

The crunchiest, munchiest balls of cheese you’ve ever tasted

Meet Salted Caramel AmazeBalls, the crunchiest, munchiest balls of cheese you’ve ever tasted, made amazing by our top-secret, on-farm popping process.

Natural cheese dried and expanded into a nut size crunchie snack with a honeycomb texture and an intensified cheddar cheese flavour. Simple Cheese: Made Crunchy!

A delicious keto snack

Nothing Artifical – all natural Snack!

Cheddar Cheese (pasteurised cow's MILK) salt, non-animal rennet, culture), anticaking agent (460), canola oil, natural flavour and seasoning

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