How We Choose Products?

There are a few things that we look at when choosing if a product is the correct fit for us to stock.

The nutritional panel: We aim to stock products that contain 10% or less of carbs. There are a handful of products that have a carb content above this but they have been chosen knowingly. Nutritional panels can be confusing, especially between Australian products and American products. Confused about carbs vs net carbs? Read this Blog from Have Butter Will Travel.

    It is also important to remember, that even though a product states it is Keto, it does not necessarily mean that it is really 'keto'. There is no over-riding board that says yes this is keto and no this is not. Anyone can put a label on something stating Keto Friendly, and then you read the ingredients list and nutritional panel only to determine that it is far from what you may want to eat. Examine everything you eat for yourself (nutritional panels and ingredients list) to determine if something works for you. One takeaway that we have learnt is that everyone does keto slightly differently, and how one person eats may be different to the next person.


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