Snacking on a LCHF diet

Low Carb snacks and treats can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your LCHF regimen.


We’ve all gone through this before… we embark on our LCHF journey only to find that our evenings were filled with habitual snacking. What do you do? Well, the good news is that the cravings will slow as you get further advance in you LCHF way of eating. The bad news is you still have to get over that hump and just when you thought it was safe your old favourite snack appears on TV and your cravings are back.


Our journey has been filled with lots of ups and downs, but what has really helped was having good quality nutritious and delicious low carb snacks. Here’s an example of a few that have become staples in our home and that we proudly range at Low Carb Emporium:


  • Meaty snacks: Hubby loves biltong and jerky but they are usually made with sugar (some jerkies are over 30% sugar!). After lots of reviews and taste testing we decided to carry a range of grass-fed jerky from Tasmania and grass-fed biltong from New Zealand. Whether you’re into biltong or jerky, both of our ranges of delicious meaty low carb snacks will satisfy your inner caveman without the added sugar.
  • Crunchy savoury snacks: Pork crackle is a nutritious and delicious option. We’ve sampled a lot of the supermarket brands and while they tasted good they all had lots of additives and were usually cooked in canola oil. We ended up choosing a small brand made in WA as theirs’ was just simply pig skin cooked in lard. It’s pure, simple, crunchy and loaded with protein. Hubby likes to sprinkle some sea salt or Herbamare on his. (On a side note – it’s also a great option for crumbing schnitzels!)
  • Sweet treats: while our sweet tooth has greatly diminished since embarking on LCHF, we’re certainly not immune to the occasional sweet temptation. We searched high and low until we found a chocolate range that was sweetened with Xylitol but did not have maltitol and all the other things that we were looking to avoid. Problem solved. We now stock an amazing range of low carb chocolate to satisfy those pesky occasional sweet-treat carvings!
  • Baked goods: I knew we were onto a winner when I saw my husband trying to bake something! Baked goods were always a bit of a weakness for us. Now we can bake low carb muffins that actually taste like muffins (we stock 2 brands) and coat them with xylitol icing sugar. Who says you have to miss out on your favourite baked treats while doing LCHF?


So while your overall food intake and snacking will reduce over time, it’s important to be well prepared so when those pesky cravings and temptations rear their ugly head you don’t give in to your old habits.


We hope you enjoy.



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