Talking All things Keto with Danielle from Nutrition for Life

Yvonne Roizman

Low Carb High Fat and Ketogenic diets have had a lot of media exposure recently.
We set out to explore some of the facts behind this way of eating that are driving more people to seek a healthier lifestyle.
Today we sat down with Danielle Toscan, an Accredited Practising Dietitian from Nutrition for Life, to talk all things Keto and learn about her journey.

1. How did you get involved in the Keto or Low Carb Healthy Fat way of eating?

Coming out of my studies something didn’t sit quite right with me about what dieticians were told we had to preach/advocate for. Thinking about it, our population was becoming heavier and rates of lifestyle related diseases like diabetes were on the rise. It was pretty clear to me that the current dietary guidelines relying on cereals and low fat items was not having much effect. After speaking with various mentors in the field of LCHF and buddying with other dietitians brave enough to step outside the norm it was hard to argue with the
results I was witnessing. And that is why I love my job so much today! Because I get to see these results day in day out and truly help people change their lives for the better all while enjoying food and everything they eat!

2. What has been the biggest revelations regarding the science behind this way of
eating vs low fat?

The newer research that is coming out is really backing what we have been saying for many years at our centre. What we know now is that eating fats is not what is making the western world overweight and sick. It is the excessive amounts of sugar and processed foods in our diets that are making us fat and unhealthy! Therefore eating highly processed foods where fat has been removed (and usually extra sugar is added to compensate) is not going to benefit us much in the long run. If we work hard at reducing sugary and processed foods from our diets we have more room to move with the healthy fats that we once may have completely shied away from. At the end of the day the science is pretty clear. Sugar drives inflammation and chronic diseases. So reducing the amount we eat as much as we can will only improve our diet for the better.

3. What are some of your tips and tricks to help people start and maintain their

Sugar is one addictive nutrient (not that I like to call it a nutrient because it doesn’t actually contain ANY essential nutrients). So I am not going to lie here. It is not actually a very easy thing to quit or give up. Plus it is hidden in so many things! So my tip here is start to educate yourself on what you are eating. Check the food label on things you commonly consume. And look for alternatives if you don’t like what you see. My advice is to never give up trying to make dietary changes for the better. You might fail. But you can just try again. It is not the end of the world. Keep at it. And the more you try the better you will get! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was a healthy sustainable diet. So remember that and just keep trying your best. 

4. Why did Nutrition for Life start?

Our health practice started in 2014 as a need for low carb support was identified. Since we began our low carb healthy fat approached has helped thousands of people with various health conditions and issues to improve their quality of life. We have seen LCHF truly changes lives!

5. How can someone join up?
We run a variety of services through our clinic, In-person and online. We encourage people to look at both a program option and individual help to really maximise their understanding of LCHF and their progress. To join a program you can register here