My Progress

My Progress

I thought I would keep a running blog of my keto journey. As previously mentioned, I have gained most of the weight back that I lost and once again felt super tired and exhausted all of the time. I needed to get my health back, for myself, for my husband for my kids, and for fingers crossed the new bub that I will carry as part of my surrogacy journey that we have just commenced. So, I reaffirmed my commitment to Keto. Knowing how good I fell when I eat this way. I know, many of you may not be interested in reading this, and that is OK. But maybe, I will inspire a few people to recommit to this way of eating.

So, where do we stand today? I was eating low carb for a few weeks, but decided I needed to take a bit of a stricter approach, as I still wasn’t feeling my best. Even eating Low Carb, I didn’t get that energy back that I craved so much. And even with all that I know, I felt that I needed to do something different this time. The “same same” wasn’t really cutting the mustard anymore.

So, there have really been two things that have seriously changed my mindset and propelled me along. Jack and I went to a Webinar with Dr Barton Jennings. He is a respiratory physician and was discussing the benefits of Low Carb High Fat with his clients. To be honest, it was nothing that I hadn’t heard before. But it was at the right information at the right time for me. He challenged the people on the webinar to commit to 60 days, in doing it for this time frame, you will really begin to see the changes and the benefits.

But I still felt this was not quite enough. I reached out to Zarah, Mz_Keto on Instagram*, who we have worked with for years and years. She has recently set up a little business helping people with keto meal plans and support. And with her assistance, I went back into Keto hardcore. And honestly, I don’t think that I have ever done Keto like this before. Really eating meals that are as nutrient dense as possible, good for my gut, and good for my health. I am just over a week into this part of my journey, and I have learnt so much, which I will get to in a moment.

But let’s chat about how I feel. I feel amazing. I wake up full of energy, raring to go for my day. I have a clear head, without that brain fog that you get so used to when you eat carbs that you think that is the norm. My mood has stabilised as I don’t have such fluctuations with my glucose and insulin levels. And I have lost weight. I am someone who needs to see the scales move to get that inspiration, I know this is not the best, but hey, that’s me!! And the scales have moved in the correct direction.

And what have I learnt, through Zarah’s help and my own knowledge? I have learnt a lot about over eating and portion size. Really adding some healthy, delicious fats to every meal so I am not hungry and over eating. I have realised as well what my personal triggers are, that even if they are low carb, treats for me are treats and only to be consumed on an occasion, not as an everyday thing. The treat really is nourishing my body with good quality ingredients and delicious tasting foods, that is my treat and my reward!!!

So, Week 1 strict Keto down, I feel amazing, and I know that this is the push and the change that I need to live my healthiest life possible, inside, outside, and most importantly, mentally.

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* If you are interested in exploring Zarah’s meal and exercise planning service please visit - we don’t have any commercial or referral relationship with Pure Z Health but just really personally enjoyed her service and wanted to share that with you.

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